Ozone Therapy


Ozone is a naturally occurring compound consisting of three oxygen atoms. Its presence in the stratosphere is critical for maintenance of life due to its ability to filter UV rays. In nature Ozone is produced when an oxygen molecule receives an electrical discharge (following thunderstorms) breaking it into two oxygen atoms. The individual atoms combine with another oxygen molecule to form an O3 molecule. It’s also produced from UV rays emitted from the sun, which plays the role of electrical discharge over oxygen present in the stratosphere. Medical grade Ozone is generated from Medical Oxygen.

Ozone was first discovered accidentally in 1840 by Professor Christian Schonbein, who noticed strong-smelling gas produced when oxygen was exposed to electrical charges in his lab and called this Ozone (Greek for pungent odor). Swiss Dentist Edward Fisch was the first dentist to use Ozone in 1950 to treat Austrian Surgeon Ernst Payr, who then became an Ozone Enthusiast and published “Ozone Treatment in Surgery” in 1935.

Ozone is a therapeutic agent of choice for a variety of medical pathologies ranging from diabetes to cancer due to its antimicrobial properties, capacity to stimulate the circulatory system and modulate the immune response.

In dentistry, Ozone can be used for arresting caries, periodontal therapy, as an intracanal medicament during endodontic treatments and for apthous ulcers, cold sores. Administration of Ozone for dental therapies is in three forms: gas, water, and oil. OSHA has set a safety limit of 0.10 ppm of ozone exposure for an 8-hour day.
Due to the sensitivity of the bronchial pulmonary system ozone gas should never be inhaled.
Ozone is contraindicated in patients with G6PD deficiency and Hyperthyroidism.

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