Hypnosis for Pain Management


At the turn of the nineteenth century, a dentist described pain originating from the sensitive tissues of the human teeth as the most dreaded infliction upon a human race.

It was in fact the pursuit of painless dentistry that led to the advent of an era of modern anesthetics. Prior to the era of anesthetics, dentists were often using mesmerism and hypnosis to pursue painless dentistry.

Hypnosis can be defined as an altered state of consciousness, distinctive from meditative states neurophysiologically with an increase in inner alertness and a decrease in external awareness. It is thus a state of increased absorption and has therapeutic value.

Most Hypnosis is self-hypnosis. It’s an innate state and has a similar essence as that of Guided Mindful Meditation, except anesthetic and analgesic states can be achieved under Hypnosis.

Explore Hypnosis, for pain control, habit or addiction management. American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and New York Society of Clinical Hypnosis are great resources when looking for a health professional trained in this modality.

http://www.asch.net/ http://www.nysch.org/

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